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Representative image of users being shown demonstration of web design work.

Web sites created using flash have the facility to seamlessly integrate animation and sound.

These facilities make the whole process of your web experience feel more advertising to the end user.

Unfortunately there are major drawbacks with complete flash designed web sites, search engines like google can not read the majority of text within them and therefore getting your site found by users searching on the web is a problem.

Large flash web sites can also take some time to load on a slow dialup connection and therefore the user may move on before you even have a chance to show your product or service.

For these reasons alone we do not recommend a complete flash designed site, That said however, every web site requires evaluating on its own merit and there are work around solutions.

Ideal solutions to solve these design problems are:

To design two versions of your web site, a html site and a flash designed site.

You then show the user by an introductory html splash page giving a brief outline of your services (for search engine compatibility) when they visit your URL.

Within this page, there are two easy to navigate links. One to the flash site and the other for the html version. The user can then choose which site they would prefer to look at.
Screen print of TD Performance showing a design technique using flash

Another design alternative is for the web designer to split the flash web site up into multiple sections.

Thus creating a web page which contains both html text and flash items together.

An example of this solution would be: TD Performance Tuning.

This site comprises of multiple flash sections and dynamically created html text.

The overall effect however, is a web site which has annimation, sound and a considerable amount of information relevant to the vehicle selected.
A screen print of Altos web page showing how our E-Brochure Example is integrated into their flash site.

To work around the download time issues with large flash web designs.

Many smaller flash files can be loaded into the main flash file as and when needed. This allows a large site to be broken down into many individual smaller sites.

By using this design technique, our web designers have the facility to include our E-Brochure solutions into a flash designed site. An example of this would be Altos de la Quinta.

The site has four pages to it. Home, Images, Prices and a contact page.

The images have been sized and placed into one of our e-brochures. This loads up only when the user clicks on the "images" button. The result being that the main site is very quick to load. Even the e-brochure loads quickly.

On a broadband connection, it is loaded almost immediately. On a average 56K modem it takes less than a minute with a load counter to show the user a guide to how long the download will take.

Web Hosting

Standard Hosting

• 200 MB Disk Space
• 5 GB Bandwidth
• 50 E-Mail Addresses
E-Commerce Hosting

• 500 MB Disk Space
• 10 GB Bandwidth
• 100 E-Mail Addresses
Professional Hosting

• 1 GB Disk Space
• 15 GB Bandwidth
• 200 E-Mail Addresses
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