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North East Web Design Services From Web 4 Now.     Quality work by a Company Based in Tyne and Wear - North East England.

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Representative image of users being shown demonstration of web design work.

A database web design solution has many advantages.

This type of web design allows the site to be dynamically amended by yourself using a bespoke form system without the requirement of a web designer.

In simple terms everytime a user looks at a page, the information for that page is being requested from a database table and is then being displayed by the browser.

This type of design work means that hundreds of pages can be created that look individual to the user however, the site is actually making the pages dynamically based on the information the user has asked for.

Our site is dynamically created using this process. Different text and images are being shown on pages depending on what the user requests.
Screen print of TD Performance website showing flash integratedTD Performance Tuning's website is all controlled via a database backend system. This controls which flash images you see as well as products and distributor information all dynamically created depending on what the user clicks on.

Click Here for a demonstration of how TD Performance Tuning show details of which products they supply based on which car you select (there are over 2,000 different models on this site).a further image of TD website showing both flash and database items on the same page.

Alternatively, Click Here to see how the same principal works for their distributors section.
First of two screen prints of Pure imaginations web page showing images which have been input by the owners using the backofficePure Imagination's website is all controlled via a database backend system including the category navigation items. This allows the company to create categories and add products to them at their leisure.

Unlimited products can be added into the system and the whole design is created to format the images uploaded as per the owners requirements creating new pages dynamically as and when required.Second screen print of Pure imaginations web page showing different products which have been input by the owners using the backoffice

Everything from the contact us information page to the external links section of the site is totally controlled by their back-end database. As a result, they no longer need to wait for a web designer to update their system. The minute they change details within the database, their site is amended.
Sites can be personalised on a per user basis by asking them to login to the system. You can even show different options and pages depending on who has logged into the site.

With this kind of web design, the possibilities are endless. dynamically created text, information updated by yourselves, random selected items, different colours, images and flash.

Web Hosting

Standard Hosting

• 200 MB Disk Space
• 5 GB Bandwidth
• 50 E-Mail Addresses
E-Commerce Hosting

• 500 MB Disk Space
• 10 GB Bandwidth
• 100 E-Mail Addresses
Professional Hosting

• 1 GB Disk Space
• 15 GB Bandwidth
• 200 E-Mail Addresses
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